Training services

Wizard Training Solutions and Mark Kelly take pride in developing and delivering customised and established training solutions that allow individuals to enhance their skills. As a great believer that people learn when having fun, Mark's interactive approach to delivering training means that participants are involved throughout. Training is designed to build real skills, based on real scenarios. Some training can also be tailored to include role play using actors to simulate scenarios such as dealing with difficult people.

Areas of training specialty

Dealing with difficult people

Dealing with difficult people affects staff across organisations. Frontline workers can face difficult scenarios where they need to manage aggressive or violent customers. This could include individuals affected by psychoactive drug use or mental health issues. Staff need to be able to recognise warning signs and then manage situations safely, as well as know what to do after a critical incident. 

Organisations already benefiting from Mark's training in this area include local governments and pharmaceutical retailers. 

Armed robbery prevention

Preventing and surviving armed robbery situations are critical to any public facing business. It's important for staff to understand how they can reduce the risk of becoming a victim to this type of crime, and vital that they are prepared to deal with potentially violent situations.

Industries already benefiting from Mark's training include local government and retail, including pharmaceutical retail. 

Conducting investigations

The key to conducting effective investigations is to be thorough, systematic and factual. Drawing on his experience conducting criminal investigations with the WA Police Service, Mark's investigations training arms participants with the skills and processes to conduct effective investigations across a range of industries. 

Successful courses in conducting investigations have been developed and delivered to managers, clinicians, and HR & IR practitioners at the WA Department of Health, as well as for staff at the Department of Aboriginal Affairs. 

Loss prevention training

What is loss prevention? Explore what constitutes losses in a retail setting, including internal theft awareness. This training prepares staff to use effective customer services techniques and teamwork to deal with aggressive customers and theft situations.

Delivering your training

In addition to customised training packages, Mark can also deliver your established training content. This includes areas of specialty mentioned above, as well as training in leadership & management, and occupational health & safety. See the about page for more on Mark's training and industry background.